Serving Building Owners and Tenants, Architects, General Contractors, Floor Covering and Concrete Contractors, Insurance Companies and Attorneys, delivering comprehensive testing and analysis of concrete floor slabs and floor covering system failures.

Since January 1, 2000 George Donnelly Testing and Inspections personnel have  performed concrete dryness and moisture vapor emission testing on thousands of concrete floor slabs from coast to coast. Our services have included floor system failure analysis of resilient flooring, carpet, wood, ceramic and stone, and resinous coatings. Testing and analysis have been the basis for performing services as expert witnesses in litigation across the U.S and Canada. Concrete moisture testing is performed by ICRI certified technicians.

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For more than forty years Mr. Donnelly has dedicated his professional attention to the floor covering industry. His career began with a carpet cleaning franchise which included extensive training in carpet and fibers. Approximately twenty years have been spent either as a direct representative of a flooring manufacturer or in distribution, with positions in sales, sales management and as Director of Technical Services. In the four years directly preceding opening his testing and inspection service, Mr. Donnelly expanded his vision by working in the concrete moisture vapor control industry. This additional education has opened the door to understanding moisture movement from the earth, through concrete slabs and into building envelopes, where moisture and alkalinity have become the major cause of floor covering system failures.

Mr. Donnelly has been certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute as a Concrete Moisture Testing Technician. He is a member of ASTM committees E.06 on Buildings Standards and F.06 on Resilient Flooring, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) as an associate member of committee 302, and the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). Along with testing, analysis and consulting, Mr. Donnelly offers seminars on concrete moisture vapor emission. These seminars cover floor covering systems, concrete moisture source, design characteristics of intrusion prevention, concrete dryness testing and approaches to topical remediation for existing slabs.

With an increased awareness of floor safety, Mr. Donnelly has earned the title Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder. A WACH certificate was awarded after completing training and testing at the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) in Southlake, Texas. Training included the use and operation of various tribometers and slip meters along with methods of measurement of floor surface co-efficient of friction.

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Mr. Bengel joined George Donnelly Testing & Inspections in 2002 and became owner and principal of George Donnelly Testing & Inspections - Los Angeles in 2016. He has been certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute as a Concrete Moisture Testing Technician. Mr. Bengel is a member of ASTM committee F.06 on Resilient Flooring and a member of the American Concrete Institute. His background includes commercial floor covering sales, technical services and claims administration for a major floor covering distributor.

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