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I.C.R.I. - CSMT -Certified Concrete Moisture Testing Technicians   Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder, Wet/Dry Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic/Static - ANSI 326.3, 137.1, NFSI B101.1, B101.3
Floor Covering and Coatings Inspections   Concrete Floor Slab Testing and Inspections
* Manufacturing Defects   * Concrete Moisture Vapor Emission Testing
* Installation Errors and Defects        - Quantitative per ASTM F 1869-16a
* Adhesive Failure        - Qualitative
* Maintenance Damage   * Concrete In-situ Relative Humidity Testing per ASTM F 2170-19a
* Coefficient of Friction Testing   * Electrical Impedance Testing per ASTM F 2659-10
Concrete Sealer Effectiveness Testing   * Concrete Surface pH Testing per ASTM F 710-19
* RH Hood Method, modified ASTM F 2420 (withdrawn standard)   Other Services Arranged, Performed or Managed
Document Review   * Concrete Core sample Drilling and Collection
* Concrete Mix Design Submittals   * Sub-Slab Soil Moisture Content Testing
* Vapor Retarder Submittals   * Petrographic Examination of Concrete Core Specimens
* Concrete Curing Compound Submittals   Consultation / Seminars / Expert Witness Services

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